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Actors . Activists .

Its All Right To Be Woman Theatre was formed in 1970 by eleven women who came together at Alternate U in New York City. This excerpt, from a grant we wrote in 1971, describes why we formed:

"Whereas theatre has been, to date, a combining of specialists, the essence of our theatre is to convey the collective experience. Only part of the message is in the contentthe other part is that eleven women are working together to create new forms a theatre without separation of roles (e.g. director, actress1 musician), a theatre without a stage to separate audience and players."

From 1970 to 1976 the troupe performed all original plays (stories from our lives) in non-traditional performance spaces in New York City, womens centers in New York State, and colleges and universities on the East Coast of the country. We were seen by thousands of women and men who laughed and cried with us and embraced our message.

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